Written by Jim Grimsley 
live-streaming virtual reading:
April 16th & 17th @ 7:30pm

Acclaimed North Carolina playwright and novelist, Jim Grimsley’s latest play takes us to the not-so-distant future where the climate crisis before us now, is in the rearview mirror. Society is breaking down, resources are scarce, and people are on the move. Only Grimsley could find both terror and tenderness in this strange new world.

Co-produced by StreetSigns Center for Literature and Performance & the Department of Communication 

Image by Vivek Doshi

By Jim Grimsley


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In February 2020, Jim Grimsley and three other playwrights were asked to answer a forty-eight-hour challenge to write a full-length play responding to “The Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming,” by David Wallace-Wells. Grimsley’s response, Cascade, is a brilliant work, written in a fever, responding to our feverish world, caught up in a climate emergency, drowning in over-heated rhetoric and starving for a coherent, coordinated response. “When I was approached about writing a play in response to this crisis, I wasn’t sure I had anything to add. I wasn’t sure there was a story that would come to me. I was somewhat surprised and more than a little pleased that this one did.”


Actors for this reading of Cascade come from all over the country and include April Mae Davis, Gabriel Graetz, Derrick Ivey, Dovie Thomason, and Eunice Wong.


StreetSigns continues its partnership with UNC’s Process Series: New Works in Development, to present this reading of a searing new play StreetSigns will produce at the newly refurbished Swain Hall on the UNC Campus in Chapel Hill, NC and also in a repurposed bio-diesel factory in The Beverage District in Pittsboro, as soon as it is safe to gather together again for live theatre.

In the meantime, Joseph Megel, artistic director of both The Process Series and StreetSigns Center for Literature and Performance, and the director of this reading, is looking forward to sharing with audiences the development of this crucial new play. “Any time we have an opportunity to work on a play by Jim Grimsley, we leap at the chance. Cascade is especially exciting because StreetSigns has been looking for a work that addresses our current climate crisis in a way that could galvanize audiences. This is that play.”


Jim Grimsley

April Mae Davis

Gabriel Graetz

Derrick Ivey

Dovie Thomason

Eunice Wong

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