From F to M to Octopus

By Sam Peterson

Sam Peterson presents a surprising look at the process of changing gender. Peterson’s unique humor and perspective take us on a remarkable journey fraught with obstacles both imagined and real, to remind us of the alchemical possibilities and real joy that can emerge from despair.

This project was originally supported by the Honors Undergraduate Research Fund, administered by the Honors Carolina office and was part of Solo Fest 2012. F to M to Octopus will be presented at 3-Legged Dog Theater in New York City in summer 2013.


February 15 & 16, 2012


Studio 6

Swain Hall

Peterson is a 51-year-old former dyke turned transguy performance artist and activist. He has always used his own experiences to explore his quixotic relationship with his body and its perceptions of spiritual and animal realms. His vast experiences have taken him from Washington, D.C., to New York City, from Austin, Texas, to Chapel Hill, N.C. He has worked as a tattoo artist, spoken word performer and teacher. He founded a performance group called Neoprimitive TechnoPussy, and was the inspiration for author Peter Trachtenberg’s story “7 Tattoos: a Memoir in the Flesh,” featuring a clove cigarette chain smoking, leather-encased, gregarious lesbian tattooist called Slam.

Recently, he returned to school at UNC-Chapel Hill where he discovered he is a transgender male. Soon after, a series of catastrophes followed, some of which are detailed in F to M to Octopus, including heartbreak, the death of one friend, the near-death of another, and the loss of a beloved teacher. Encouraged by a friend to blog, he began to do so obsessively, reaching out to a global transmasculine community with his website,

F to M to Octopus features work by digital media designer Jared Mezzocchi.

The Process Series

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