Making Tracks

A reading series produced in partnership with PlayMakers Repertory Company

A reading series of four new plays that focus on issues of social justice and will be produced in concert with the run of PlayMakers’ production of Leaving Eden by Mike Wiley (presented in the Process Series in May 2017).  The series will include an international playwright, a national playwright, a faculty playwright, and a student playwright.​

The four plays being presented this year are:

Trial 9 by Jonathan Moises Olivares

Noms De Guerre by Jacqueline Lawton

Eight Nights by Jennifer Maisel

Illegal Helpers by Maxi Obexer, Translation by Neil Blackadder

Schedule of Events:

  • April 13th

    • 1:00 pm: Trial 9 - Jonathan Moises Olivares @ Studio 101

    • 3:00 pm:  Noms De Guerre -  Jacqueline Lawton @ Studio 101

    • 8:00 pm: Eight Nights - Jennifer Maisel @ Studio 101

  • April 14th

    • 5:00 pm: Eight Nights - Jennifer Maisel @ Studio 101

    • 8:00 pm: Illegal Helpers - Maxi Obexer, Translation by Neil Blackadder @Studio 101

  • April 15th

    • 7:00 pm:  Noms De Guerre -  Jacqueline Lawton @ Studio 101

    • 7:00 pm: Trial 9 - Jennifer Maisel @ Studio 104


Friday, April 13th, 2018 starting at 1:00 pm
Saturday, April 14th, 2018 starting at 5:00 pm

Sunday, April 15th, 2018 starting at 7:00 pm



The Kenan Theatre, Studios 101 and 104

UNC-CH Center for Dramatic Art

*Admission free at the door*

The Performances:

Trial 9

By Jonathan Moises Olivares

Directed by Vivienne Benesch

Times: April 13, 1:00pm, April 15, 7:00pm


Is Love Enough?

 Inside the world of conversion therapy, same sex attraction is a disease, and “therapists” are determined to find a cure. When they find one, Elijah’s world is turned upside down. He loves Orlando and Orlando loves him, but Trial 9 asks the question: is love enough?

Noms De Guerre

By Jacqueline Lawton

Directed by Kaja Dunn

Times: April 13, 3:00pm, April 15, 7:00pm


When politics become personal, what price must we pay?

Every time Mira’s husband returns home from war, it’s a difficult transition. But this time, as her race for Governor gets underway, they are both thrust into the spotlight, which illuminates longstanding tensions, shifting allegiances and a new secret that threatens to derail her campaign. As the man she knows disappears into a man forever changed by war, she must decide what price she’s willing to pay to stand by him.

Eight Nights

By Jennifer Maisel

Directed by Joseph Megel

Times: April 13, 7:00pm, April 14, 5:00pm


When all you can do is hope.

In a cramped apartment on the Lower East Side, a young refugee woman yearns to start a new life in the United States. As she works to vanquish the past that haunts her, she is accompanied by her father, husband, friends, daughter, and granddaughter. Set in a single apartment and spanning the years 1949 – 2016, Eight Nights tells the story of refugees from the past and present, taking disparate circumstances and laying bare their all too similar horrors. Life is brutal, but they live with the hope that a better future awaits.

Illegal Helpers

By Maxi Obexer, Translated by Neil Blackadder

Directed by Talya Klein

Times: April 14th, 8pm


We call them criminals for one reason: they help people.

They save migrants without legal status from deportation. They provide shelter. They bring them across the border when all other options are exhausted. Some of them have been convicted on several occasions; others risk their profession and status. They come from the middle of society: doctors, judges, social workers, students. But what they do brings them to the brink of the law and sometimes beyond. They take these risks because they must and because they dream of a world where compassion is not a crime. Prize-winning German-Italian playwright Maxi Obexer weaves together documentary interviews in this passionate appeal for human dignity in the face of the refugee crisis threatening to engulf Western Europe.

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