Spoken Word/Spoken Justice:

A festival of spoken word performance

Presented in partnership with WUNC-Radio and the Department of Communication


Announcing New Artists!

Will McInerney was originally scheduled to perform in this festival, but due to the requirements of his Rotary Peace Fellowship in the Peace Program at the University of Bradford, UK, he is unable to attend. However, he will be making a special surprise appearance and perform for us via Skype at some yet to be determined time in the festival, and we are excited to announce and welcome Jaclyn Gilstrap, CJ Suitt, and Jamila Reddy to this event.


Stirring performance works by internationally renowned spoken word artists Kane Smego, Mohammad Moussa, CJ Suitt, and Jamila Reddy along with visual artist, activist, and writer Jaclyn Gilstrap focus on issues of social justice and our understanding of the Middle East and Muslim culture. Smego will hold week-long workshops for graduate and undergraduate students during his residency and the festival will culminate in an open mic performance by student participants.


Friday, February 10, 2017 at 5:00pm
Saturday, February 11, 2017 starting at 2:00pm

Sunday, February 12, 2017 starting at 2:00pm


Swain Hall

Studio 6

Schedule of Events:
  • February 10th

    • 5:00 pm : Shattered Glass - Mohammad Moussa

  • February 11th

    • 2:00 pm : Sitting in the Intersection - Jaclyn Gilstrap & CJ Suitt

    • 7:00 pm : yes, and - Jamila Reddy and Shattered Glass - Mohammad Moussa

    • 8:30 pm : Temples of Lung and Air - Kane Smego

  • February 12th

    • 2:00 pm : Shattered Glass - Mohammad Moussa

    • 3:30 pm : yes, and - Jamila Reddy and Sitting in the Intersection - Jaclyn Gilstrap & CJ Suitt

    • 6:30 pm : Temples of Lung and Air - Kane Smego

    • 7:30 pm : UNC Student Open Mic Performance

The Performances:

Kane Smego's Temples of Lung and Air

How do a rapper from Zimbabwe, a cook from rural Alaska, a poet from Abu Dhabi, and an MC from Durham find common ground? Drawing on his experiences as an international touring poet, Kane’s odyssey in narrative verse explores hip hop as a global tool for community building.​

Mohammad Moussa's Shattered Glass

Moussa’s multi-media, spoken word poetry about the tragic shootings in Chapel Hill of Deah Shaddy Barakat, his wife Yusor Mohammad, and her sister Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha, is a year of reflection and mourning, wrapped in the power of storytelling. Shattered Glass will be performed on the anniversary of the students’ murders.

Jaclyn Gilstrap and CJ Suitt's Sitting in the Intersection

An experiential exploration into the feminine in all of us. Through storytelling, poetry, music, and audio recordings, Gilstrap and Suitt hope to highlight the intersections we all navigate by amplifying the perspectives and experiences of a wide array of voices. This performance will be recorded live for their new podcast.

Jamila Reddy's yes, and

A solo theatrical work that uses story, poetry, and movement to explore pleasure as a bridge between trauma and healing. Born out of an urgent need to heal from collective and intergenerational trauma of being black, queer, woman, yes, and examines the pursuit of pleasure as a radical act of reclamation over a colonized body and mind.

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