Voices: A Walking Tour

Curated by Heather Tatreau
November 5-6 at 7:00pm

Tour begins at the Old Well on UNC-CH Campus

Check out a photo essay on the Voices: A Walking Tour performance

Voices - A Walking Tour_photo.jpeg

Voices: A Walking Tour is a site-specific performance that takes the shape of a contemplative walking tour of campus after dark to discover the hidden voices in our landscape. The tour guide will lead audiences to performances in dance, spoken word and song at various monuments and historically significant sites on the UNC campus. This performance asks: what can we learn when we are quiet and let the voices of the past come into conversation with the present?


Heather Tatreau, a UNC dance faculty member and professional choreographer, created her first iteration of this project in November 2018. Her intention was to re-visit UNC campus monuments to mark the changes in the physical and political landscape. For this iteration, she has created a collaboration with the Carolina Indian Circle to incorporate native voices through a performance at The Gift. She is also working with Chapel Hill Poet Laureate C.J. Suitt to give voice to the African-American workers who built this campus with a performance at The Unsung Founders monument. Local choreographer, Killian Manning, is creating a performative response to the empty space where Silent Sam once stood. Tatreau’s Modern Dance Technique students will create a performance piece as part of a semester-long site-specific dance project at The Student Body sculpture garden outside of Hamilton Hall. The tour will end with a song from Affordable Housing: The Musical, under the direction of George Barrett, at Peace and Justice Plaza on Franklin St. to provide a link between the campus and the town. This diverse array of local voices come together in this performance to offer commentary on the place we call home.


This performance is supported by the North Carolina Arts Council, a division of the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources.

We would also like to thank Humanities for the Public Good for their generous support of this performance. The program was established with support from the Institute for the Arts & Humanities and funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The initiative offers grants and programmatic opportunities for faculty in partnership with cultural institutions within and beyond the academy.

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