Masters Falls:

An Immersive Descent into the Divided American Soul 

A play written by Mark Perry, Department of Dramatic Art 

NEW DATE: March 19th & 20th

The setting is a massive, indoor commercial and entertainment complex attached to a diversion dam along the Potomac River. The time is the near future, not quite a full generation from now. American life is quite different after the Agitation, but recognizable--the way a person who has been through a serious, life-altering accident is recognizable. 

Caroline and David are strangers destined to meet tonight at Masters Falls, a diabolical place they both despise. Morningstar, the all-seeing impresario figure who lords over Masters Falls, seems deeply invested in their actions, as if his survival depends on them. After a harrowing night, the two leave together determined to find the loved one they share in common. Masters Falls burns behind them. Or does it? There’s really no way to know. 

Co-sponsored by the Department of Dramatic Art 

*Part of The Faculty Series 

The Process Series

101 E. Cameron Avenue, Rm. 105

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