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10-11 Season

The Ladies Ring Shout

By Meida Teresa McNeal, Felicia Holman, and Abra Meredity Johnson


October 29 & 30, 2010 | Gerrard Hall

Using a combination of music, movement and spoken word, Ladies Ring Shout seeks to widen the scope of representational possibilities for women of color, revitalizing the call to action articulated by our feminist foremothers.

Red Black and Green: A Blues

By Marc Bemuthi Joseph


January 20 & 21, 2011 | Gerrard Hall

Stories, interview, poems and choreography – landing at the intersection of green economics and black psychology – launching a conversation about environmental racism, social ecology and collective responsibility.

Learn to Be Latina

By Enrique Ureuta


February 4 & 5, 2011 | Gerrard Hall

Follow two high school outcasts who find themselves fighting in the Trojan War as Amazons.

Two by Two

Music by Alex Van Gils & James Kylstra


February 8 & 13, 2011 | Gerrard Hall

A collection of short pieces for solo piano inspired by serial music of the 20th century as well as modern DJs and electronic artists.

You Are Dead; You Are Here

By Christine Evans
Digital Design by Jared Mezzocchi


April 14-17, 2011 | Studio 6, Swain Hall

A Ghost Story for the Digital War Age.

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