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They Do Not Know Harlem: 

In Communion with James Baldwin

September 25 & 26 @ 7:30 pm

Created, choreographed and performed by Tristan Parks, Directed by Kathy Williams

James Arther Baldwin. A son. A brother. A seer who has seen much and transatlantic commuter. They Do Not Know Harlem: In Communion with James Baldwin imagines how one comes to shape home for themselves when met with the neurosis of familial dynamics, race and coming-of-age.

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An Interactive Mapmaking Event

Created by Joseph Amodei and Rachel Gita Karp

October 23 & 24 @ 7:30 pm

Co-Sponsor: Department of Art and Art History

Do we choose our politicians, or do our politicians choose us? PACKING AND CRACKING is an interactive mapmaking event about gerrymandering: the pervasive practice of politicians choosing their voters rather than the other way around. 


Folklore Festival:

Remembrance and Renewal

February 10th - 14th

A festival featuring diverse, nationally known storytellers (in addition a faculty and student storyteller).  Recognizing the power and potential of storytelling in its many forms at this pivotal moment in American culture and politics, the Process Series in partnership with UNC American Studies will present a Storytelling Festival February 10th - 14th 2021, drawing on the skills of some of the nation’s most prominent and diverse storytelling practitioners.

Visiting storytellers include Dovie Thomason, Andrew Ali Aghapour, Senora Lynch (2007 Heritage Award Winner), and others. There will also be featured faculty storytellers including Samuel R. Gates and Milbre Burch. 

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Masters Falls:

An Immersive Descent into the Divided American Soul

NEW DATE: March 20th & 21st

A play written by Mark Perry, Department of Dramatic Arts

Caroline and David are strangers destined to meet tonight at Masters Falls, a diabolical place they both despise. Morningstar, the all-seeing impresario figure who lords over Masters Falls, seems deeply invested in their actions, as if his survival depends on them. After a harrowing night, the two leave together determined to find the loved one they share in common. Masters Falls burns behind them. Or does it? There’s really no way to know.


By Jim Grimsley

Reading April 16th & 17th

Acclaimed North Carolina playwright and novelist, Jim Grimsley’s latest play, Cascade takes us to the not-so-distant future where the climate crisis before us now, is then in the rearview mirror and society is breaking down, resources are scarce, and people are on the move. Only Grimsley could find both terror and tenderness in this strange new world.

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