Performance Studies Season

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Footprints in Snow

October 13

By Kevin Pabst

Media Arts Space @ 108 E. Franklin  5:00pm


Pabst’s grandfather died when he was four, leaving me no memories of him. This performance attempts to stage a kinship across barriers of time and space.

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Feminist World, 2091 or: How I Learned to Expertly Judge Inadvertent Human Intrusion at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant 

November 11-15

By Chandler Classen, Ph. D. Candidate

Black Box in Swain Hall

11th- 12th @ 7:30

13th @ 7:30

14th @ 2:00pm

15th @ 5:00pm

A play satirizing actual Department of Energy report from the 1980’s that describes future threats to nuclear waste storage, which inevitably predicts the end of humankind as we know it.

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Breaking up with Jesus

December 9-12

By Joey Richards, Ph. D. Candidate

Media Arts Space @ 108 E. Franklin  5:00pm


Returning to the South after eight years away, Joey Richards is forced to confront and come to terms with a turbulent ex. In this autobiographical one-person show, Joey reveals the sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking journey of getting out of a toxic relationship with Jesus Christ. Grounded in small-town Georgia and blending comedy and tragedy, this is the story of how religion affects family, struggles with gender and sexuality, and issues of depression and anxiety. The performance is an attempt to address the question, "What happens when you realize that the Jesus-shaped hole in your life is really a scar?"

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Beyond the Roots

March 4-7

By Imani Williams

Media Arts Space @ 108 E. Franklin

4th-5th @7:30

6th @2:00 pm

7th @ 5:00pm

Explores the reality of growing up while black in America through the eyes of a young girl living in the suburbs of Atlanta.  An autoethnographic exploration of the impact of different events and how it shapes one’s future.

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April 7-24

By Jim Grimsley, Directed by Joseph Megel, Co-Production with StreetSigns Center for Literature and Performance & Process Series

Black Box Swain

week 1 7th.- 9th @7:30, 10th @3:00pm

week 2 14th- 16th @7:30, 17th @3:00pm

week 3 20th- 23rd @7:30, 24th @3:00pm



Acclaimed NC playwright and UNC alumni, Jim Grimsley, takes us to
The audience is transported not-so-distant future where the climate crisis has reached its ultimate conclusion. Society is breaking down, resources are scarce, and people are on the move.