Remembrance and Renewal Storytelling Festival

The storytelling festival is now complete, a special thanks to all of our storytellers!

Storytelling/ Folklore Festival:

Remembrance and Renewal
February 17th - 21st

Recognizing the power and potential of storytelling in its many forms at this pivotal moment in American culture and politics, the Process Series in partnership with UNC’s Department of American Studies will present a Storytelling Festival February 17-21 2021, drawing on the skills of some of the nation’s most prominent and diverse storytelling practitioners.

The Festival will feature both traditional and contemporary stories from nationally and locally
known storytellers. The programming will focus on diverse voices, all addressing these ideas: How can storytelling illuminate the world as it exists now?; Can storytelling build community and create cultural and institutional change?; What can a community do to invite a diversity of voices to share personal and cultural stories that have shaped the way they live and the way we understand others?; Can Storytelling be an effective platform to battle systemic racism?


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